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At New Covenant Church Wallington, we encourage everyone to get involve in the service. We believe we can all become vessels of honour that God wants to use.

Regardless of your present position, God is able to do exceedingly more than you can ever imagine. We therefore encourage you to make yourself available by surrendering to God, the creator of ALL things, He can transform that which is insignificant to the most precious of all.

NCC Wallington is a family church, the men, women and youth gets to meet occasionally for separate fellowship to encourage and develop themselves in accordance to God’s plan and purpose, it also provides a great opportunity for people to share common issues that maybe gender, age, career or role specific.

We also have a walk-in outreach ministry that regularly provides support for people in our local community regarding FREE Benefits Advice. We often go out on evangelism to share the good news that God love the world in our local community, we listen and offer prayers to everyone.