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  The aim of the youth department is to equip all the youths in the church with the knowledge of God and the zeal to serve him.

Like the Christians in Antioch, who were first described as “Christ-like”, that is what we want the testimony of our youths to be as well. We are pleased to say that majority of our youths enjoy the youth classes we hold and the various activities they partake in throughout the year (e.g. trip to Oxford University).

Apart from providing a place for the youths to learn more about God, youths also have the chance to display some leadership skills. There is an annual programme tagged ‘the youth’s day’ when the youths take charge of the church service for the particular Sunday. A new scheme encourages the youths to be more proactive and take charge of their youth church, this includes teaching the rest of their peers at least once a month.

We are grateful as the youth church really is a place to belong and to be loved.