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The surprising reason many people are not walking in victory!

The surprising reason many people are not walking in victory!
And what you can do to walk in your authority as a believer.

One of the first things I learned in law school is that the key to victory and success as a lawyer is not knowing the law, but knowing where to find it! Sometime ago I handled a case as an immigration lawyer. My client, Richard, had been granted leave to remain in the UK for two and a half years as the spouse of a British national. He and his wife had two-year-old twin daughters. About one year into his visa, they started having serious problems in their marriage. Unknown to Richard, Lucy informed the immigration authorities that she no longer supported his application, and his visa was curtailed.

Six months later, Richard lost a cousin in Barbados and travelled for two weeks. On his return to the UK, he was arrested at the airport by the UK Border Agency. That’s when he found out his visa had been revoked six and a half months previously! He was detained and….[Continue]

Building for Purpose

Because of limitations on our use of the premises,

Lack of storage space means we move our equipment into storage after every meeting. This has understandably affected the life span of our equipment.
Our midweek services hold at a different venue – Methodist Church Hall Beddington Gardens.
Our quarterly prayer vigils hold elsewhere – St Michael’s Church Hall.
We are unable to hold New Year’s Eve services.
We are unable to leave our banners out during the week.
We are unable to implement our ideas for social transformation including Coffee Morning, Food Bank, Soup Kitchen as well as a Breakfast and After School Club.

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